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Although no one can explain the real reasons for that, many studies have pointed out that those people that like BDSM are very likely to try a threesome at some point in their lives. Alt.com is a website that attracts many people that are looking for threesome hookups, and one of the reasons for that is because Alt.com is the biggest fetish and BDSM dating site online. More than half of the site members are listing threesome as their main thing of interest when filling in their profiles, and that makes Alt.com the No.4 threesome dating website.

If you compare Alt.com to other similar threesome websites, you will see that this website stands out among the rest as you not only can enjoy threesome hookups, but you can also feel comfortable being in an open-minded community that practices alternative sex lifestyles. Alt.com well deserves its position in the TOP 5.

Features & Prices

Different features come for different membership packages at this dating site. The first type of membership is the standard membership which does not require paying member fees. Standard members can search and look other members’ profiles, but you are limited to contacting them.

Silver members have an advantage over standard members, as silver membership allows contacting other members, accessing their live and recorded videos, joining different groups, reading other members` blogs, and having access to top-notch customer support. Prices for silver membership are $19.95 for a one-month membership, $35.97 for a three-month membership, and $107.40 for a one-year membership.

Gold members get the biggest benefits of all members. They have unlimited access to other people`s profiles and can contact anyone they want. Gold members also appear above all other members in the searches, have privilege to initiate contacts with new website members, have full and unlimited access to videos of other members, have full and unlimited access to groups, magazine feature and blogs, have privileged customer support, and can also access MSN, ISQ, YIM and AIM ID`s of other members of the network that are looking for threesome hookups.

Prices for gold membership are $29.95 for a one-month membership, $59.97 for a three-month membership for which you receive additional one month for FREE, and $161.10 for a one-year membership, which gives you additional SIX months for free, making it a total of eighteen months of membership.

Other great feature regarding Alt.com includes enhancing your profile feature, which enables you to increase your chances to find members for threesome chat and hookups. This is applied for those that wish to upgrade their membership. Enhancements cost $19.95 for one-month upgrade, $35.90 for three-month upgrade and $107.40 for one-year upgrade.

Another interesting feature is Highlight Listings which makes your profile more visible when people search for profiles. It puts your name in a colored square that pops out in different inquiries. You can take advantage of this feature if you pay $9.95 for one month or $26.85 for three months.

BDSM lovers can take advantage of the feature to get access to all BDSM movies for paying a small fee. One month access to BDSM movies costs $14.95, while three months access costs $29.90.

Unique Features

Alt.com offers a few unique features that premium members can enjoy using. All of those unique features can improve your profile and increase your chances.

Some of these unique features include:

1. Uploading videos to your member profile, which is a feature that you cannot find often at other similar threesome websites. This is a nice feature if you want to make your profile more visible and attractive.
2. Kinky search and fetish checklist is another unique feature. With this option, you can search through your favorite fetishes and kinks. A really exciting feature for premium members.
3. Enjoying Live Chat and Live Webcams is a top feature through which you can chat live with other members while seeing each other on camera.
4. Joining a particular group of people with same interests as you is a handy option, especially if you look for a local group where you can find some open-minded people for threesome dating. You can also create an own fetish group and invite others to join.
5. Another great unique feature is the filtering option for content preferences. This is a great option if you are logging on to Alt.com on some public places. It allows you to properly filter the content that you want to get displayed on your smartphone, avoiding being embarrassed in case someone sees what you are browsing on the internet.


One great advantage of this website is that Alt.com allows support to up to ten different languages. Another pro of this website is that you can video broadcast yourself through live video streaming. However, probably the biggest advantage is that Alt.com is very safe and secure website to use, always protecting your personal information and privacy.


There are a couple of negative sides of this website and one of those is that there is no Android version APP of the dating website. Another downside is that you will not find many young couples or single members below the age of 30.


Alt.com is definitely one of the best threesome websites and one of the best sites for all the lovers of alternative sexual lifestyles in the world. No matter whether you are seeking threesome, BDSM dating or other fetish hookups, at Alt.com you can find many people that have similar interests like you. When you compare this site to other threesome websites, Alt.com is better as it offers kinkier fun. This is a really good dating site to spend some time while looking for potential threesome partners.

However, it cannot be denied that many site members have been outright rejected when they are asking only for threesome and no BDSM dating. Therefore, Alt.com is the best website for those that enjoy mixing kinky encounters with threesome sex. Those people that are just interested in casual threesome hookups should carefully check out the member profiles and their interests before deciding to send them a message.

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